THE EDITOR'S DESK: Matthew Todd, Attitude

Why do gay men read Attitude as opposed to, Beige, Pink News or even 'straight' titles such as GQ?

Matthew Todd
Matthew Todd

We are the undisputed heavyweight in the gay press - we get all the big exclusives. Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys came out in Attitude. Elton John and David Furnish gave their only printed interview when they got married.

We shot Tony Blair, Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy. Blair had done so much - we had to celebrate him. Howard came close to apologising for the homophobic Section 28 legislation. Attitude is very 'un-ghettoised' - we can be critical of gay culture and there are no sacred cows.

What are the most PR-friendly sections of the mag? And what sorts of stories are you looking for?
We are a gay magazine, so pitch to us the right way. We cover everything from theatre to clubbing. We have PROs trying to sell in women's lingerie! There are the usual lifestyle sections and we like celebrity coverage, but it must have meaning and context.

There's a constant barrage of gay crap, like every possible sex toy. We are not sex-based. We get really rubbish pop music - they think we're sleazier and that's not the case. A lot of the other gay magazines are changing and we are leading the way.

Of which story that you have written during your career are you most proud?
Personally, I interviewed Madonna. We got on really well and she said it was her favourite interview in ten years.

What are your personal must-reads?
I read it all - ID magazine, Dazed & Confused, Arena, Homme Plus and Pop. I catch Oprah and read Private Eye. I watch political stuff such as This Week, which is a favourite. I listen to BBC Radio 1 and Radio 4.

Circulation: 73,000 worldwide


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