Opinion: Letters - Mixed messages don't help Gordon Brown

As a media analyst, for me the conclusion of Danny Rogers' editorial (Opinion, 6 June) identifies exactly the problem for the PR people trying to improve the Prime Minister's image. Their challenge is that voters have seen far too much of Gordon Brown being himself for ten years: brooding and plotting in the background, biting his nails, refusing to tell Blair what was in his budgets, before finally acceding to his 'entitlement' of the PM role.

Voters simply don't like leaders to feel 'entitled' to govern. So no-one should be surprised that the public was waiting for Brown to fail, especially once he declined to seek a mandate through a general election.

Moreover, shouldn't someone in Number 10 recognise the fundamental PR error of giving your audience mixed messages? Either David Cameron is the 'Tory toff' or he's the 'used-car salesman' that Brown called him at Prime Minister's Questions.

Which is it? Given that all politicians are salespeople - for themselves and for their party's policies - who decided this was a vote-winner against Cameron?

Mixed messages, confused targeting and Gordon Brown absolutely being himself - the opinion polls and popularity ratings demonstrate exactly what that combination has delivered.

Sharon Pink, director, Screen Idol PR.

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