Diary: Happy to help with a passage to India

Also with their hands full over the past few weeks have been the good denizens of 52-54 Wilton Road, Victoria. They being the merry PROs of Lewis' conflict division Octane.

Now, Lewis often trumpets its global reach, pointing to its impressive 'footprint' that touches places such as China, Denmark and India.

Ironically, in the past few weeks Octane has been visited by more than 50 people seeking Indian travel visas, much to the befuddlement of its perplexed staff.

Octane MD Kelly Hall takes up the story: 'We first became aware something was amiss when a confused man approached me outside the building. He was waving around a piece of paper with our address hand-written on it. He said he wanted a visa and he would not listen when I told him he was in the wrong place. Since then, we have had a steady stream of hopeful people who have left quite bewildered.'

It appears the High Commission of India has somehow managed to post Octane's address on its own website. Perhaps it is looking for PR support?

'We're only too happy to help,' suggested Hall.

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