DIARY: Moles nibble away at Edelman site

Like an army of blind rodents destroying arboretums across the UK, Diary has a legion of moles dotted around the country dealing in the salacious, libellous and unprintable.

One such mole was in contact this week:

'Edelman last year established a distinct division, Me2Revolution, dedicated to incorporating new media into appropriate campaigns, and the firm's eponymous CEO, Richard, blogs regularly on the corporate website,' the correspondence read.

'Richard Edelman, David Brain and Robert Phillips all pride themselves on the agency's commitment to web 2.0.

'But the agency's UK website has been down for over four months: "We are currently revamping our website," says the dated message.'

Diary hot-footed it to UK CEO Robert Phillips.

'I am not sure your mole is quite correct,' argued the big cheese. 'We took down most of the site and replaced it with a short film. Also, aren't straight websites well, sort of more 1.3 than 2.0?

'Hunt us down within our social networks - it is more fun...'

Diary intends to poke all Edelman employees on Facebook immediately.

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