Vegetarian body stands by ‘ranting' Heather Mills

The founder of vegetarian lobby Viva has defended her decision to retain Heather Mills as a spokesperson.

Instead, Juliet Gellatley launched a scathing attack on the ‘sleazy’ media for portraying Mills as ‘mad and ranting’ after Viva’s environmental campaign this week.

Gellatley has stood by Mills despite broadsheet journalists recommending that she dump the model ­after PR adviser Phil Hall parted company with her (PRWeek, 9 November).

She said she deliberately chose Mills to front the latest campaign against livestock production, knowing the tabloid press’ ‘anti-Heather agenda’ would secure coverage for the vegetarian interest group.

‘The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation launched this damning report a year ago, stating that livestock production was ­destroying the world. It got coverage in India, Poland and Croatia, but the British media chose to ignore it.

‘The decision to use Heather was in the knowledge that at least people will be aware the report exists.’

Gellatley organised Mills’ photo call on Monday at Speakers’ Corner to promote Viva’s environmental campaign on meat-eaters’ role in global warming.

‘Heather said it was unnatural for humans to drink animals’ milk, which is absolutely correct. This was deli­berately misinterpreted to make her look like a mad, ranting woman promoting the drinking of rats’ milk,’ said Gellatley. ‘I personally told one journalist this was incorrect. They’re not too thick to understand. They cannot even be bothered to read a press release.

‘What hope is there for the British media? This says it all. Sleazy broadsheet and tabloid journalists were only interested in sidling up to her, begging for exclusives.’

Mills’ involvement generated over 250 pieces of coverage for Viva in two days.

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