Letters - Phil Hall is serving the wrong master

After reading Ian Monk's elegant prose on the parting of Phil Hall from Heather Mills (Opinion, 9 November), I may need a sanity check.

Parting company with a client because the relationship is in the crapper I can understand.

Sympathising when someone makes a great play of dumping a client because a lucrative rant at the press put a publicist's relations with the media at risk suggests a whole new paradigm of media relations priorities.

If Hall's maxim for media relations has any traction for PR practice overall, then what next? Of course, it could explain why the average consultancy staff churn rate is over 24 per cent, but I don't think so.

Monk is right, no PRO can serve two masters. But a publicist maxim where the media are your master seems to be the start of a slippery and slightly sinister slope.

Peter Walker, executive chairman, PIELLE Consulting Group.

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