2 MINUTES WITH: Stuart Miles, Presenter, Megawhat.tv

Weekly web IPTV channel Megawhat.tv was launched recently.

2 MINUTES WITH: Stuart Miles, Presenter, Megawhat.tv

Tell us about the site.
Megawhat.tv is an online TV show that discusses gadgets in a fun and consumer-focused way. I see it as a Top Gear for gadgets. We cover all sorts of devices from games to phones, and have entertainment and product reviews, discussions about gadgets, insider tips and opinion pieces such as ‘gadgets you hate’.

What else?
We are consumer focused, but from a tech viewpoint, so our shows are short and snappy – we don’t go into reams of technical detail. It’s often me with a webcam in my office, but we try to get out and about because this makes for more interesting programmes.

How can PROs help?
By telling us about new products, and providing an area at product launches where we can shoot a quick piece to camera there and then. We need a well-lit area and it would really help to have a tripod. Often there is just one person attending the launch trying to hold the product, the camera and present the piece. It makes sense to provide this area, because if you enable people to get video coverage, then you can access a different type of media.

What frustrates you about PROs?
My biggest frustration is not getting good images of the product. PROs should put up pictures on a website that journalists can download. This is particularly useful for those who are unable to make launches but who still want to write about the product. If it is easy to get a decent picture, I am much more likely to feature a product.

Any other tips?
We are all ears. The worst we can say is that it’s not going to work. I also edit Pocket-lint.co.uk, which is one of the largest UK gadget sites, breaking 20-30 stories a day online. So, if I can’t use it for Megawhat.tv, I may be able to use it for Pocket-lint.

Visits 2,000 a day
Deadline A week in advance; shows are aired on Mondays
Email Stuart@pocket-lint.co.uk

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