Two-handed tricks while in the toilet

Presumably, key lessons on Falmouth's burgeoning PR course include 'how not to write weird press releases' and 'not making nonsense conclusions from surveys'.

Ticking both boxes in spectacular fashion is a circular from media monitoring company Mediahawk, which dutifully informs us that men like to use their phones while they urinate.

The deduction was not made from asking a group of blokes down a pub what they get up to when relieving themselves, or from any hidden camera antics.

Apparently '400 pubs in London showed that pub lavatory posters generated twice the response of TV advertising [in terms of texting a code], and the drip mats generated virtually no response at all'. Rather than coming to a more obvious conclusion, the press release continued 'men can store numbers in their mobile phone with one hand whilst urinating with the other one'.


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