Truly beefy brief with a lot at steak

Perhaps the freelancer should have visited a local farm.

Increasingly, people are encouraged to go to local producers to find good food, to help the community and to ensure that the burgers they are eating are not made from 15 varieties of cow and held together with faecal matter.

That was the message that the SPA Way was giving out last week when it advised on the reopening of the farm shop affected by the latest foot-and-mouth outbreak.

With 'a disproportionate number of farmers' daughters' in its employ, staff at the London agency wanted to help Roger Pride and his family when they lost the majority of their herd after a mandatory cull.

'We have all grown very fond of the family over the past few weeks and have subsequently scheduled a return visit to the farm before Christmas so that we can stock up on their bangers too,' said an enthused SPA Way CEO Sara Pearson.

At your bidding, the biggest name in PR

Never one to pass up a good auction, Diary could not help noticing that the internet domain name www.public is about to come up for sale online.

As you probably know, domain names are the real estate of the internet and can fetch a pretty penny. Diary can't help thinking a number of agencies will be interested in buying the site, if only they could somehow find out where to go to place a bid...

Perhaps visiting http:// might help.

So please let us know how it goes.

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