2 MINUTES WITH: Paul Carter, Editor, Sunday Sport

This week Paul Carter gives us a brief insight into the risqué 'underworld' of a recently redesigned tabloid for sport (and lady) lovers.

What makes the Sunday Sport stand out from other newspapers?
The Sunday Sport is perhaps the most downmarket of all the tabloids, and for that I’m proud. But in certain aspects – most notably the treatment of showbusiness stars and politicians – it has a satirical bite that other news­papers lack. We offer shocka­bility and fun, as well as a smattering of bare-breasted ladies.

What’s a good story for the Sunday Sport?
In the age of 24-hour news channels, podcasts, the internet and news downloads on to mobile phones, there is little point in newspapers following a news agenda that is perceived to be old virtually from the moment the story has broken. So we aim to give our rea­ders something titillating and shocking.

What’s new at the paper?
We have recently redesigned, mainly concentrating on the back-end and Sunday Sport 2, which was launched a month ago. The changes are part of an effort to get the readers involved in the paper right through to the sport pages, with features such as My First Time, where young girls talk about their first-time sexual experiences.

Do brands really want to associate themselves with such risqué content?
Our target audience is 20-35-year-olds, and the stuff that goes into the paper probably isn’t as hardcore as Nuts or Zoo. There are some brands that shy away, but ultimately we hope to enlighten them and ensure they do engage with us in the medium term.

How often do you deal with PROs for content?
We tend mainly to liaise with PRs for giveaways – mainstream movie releases, condoms and gadgets have worked well recently. We also run celebrity interviews.

How should PROs get in touch?
Do not phone me. I’ll either be in a meeting or having my daily Page 3 massage.

Circulation: 94,117
Press day: Saturday
Contact: contributions@sportnews­pa­p­ers.co.uk T 0161 236 4466

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