Market Wizards calls Kinlan

The Market Wizards fund, run by US hedge fund celebrity Jack Schwager, has brought in City agency Kinlan Communications for a £200m London IPO.

The Market Wizards brief offers a particular PR challenge because it claims to be unique. Kinlan will have to convince the market not just of the fund's worth, but that the model itself works.

Unusually, the Market Wizards Fund will invest in managed accounts of hedge funds rather than putting its money directly in the funds. This allows the performance to be tracked on a daily basis. It also means greater liquidity and more transparency than is usually available.

The model should also allow the managers to withdraw assets monthly at just 15 days notice, rather than the standard quarterly withdrawals with 60 to 90 days notice. The risk of fraud is also minimised, it claims.

In Kinlan's favour, Jack Schwager has produced a series of successful books, such as ‘Market Wizards' and ‘New Market Wizards'. His running of the fund lends it weight and could prove a major investor draw.

In his books, Schwager identifies the traits of what it takes to be an outstanding trading professional.

He was one of the first to spot some of the big hedge fund names of today, including Michael Steinhardt and Paul Tudor Jones.

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