McDonald's gives women 'a buzz'

A tenuous experiment emerged from the McDonald's press office this week.

In a bid to promote its new Chicken Select range, the burger seller set out to prove women get a 'buzz' from the time-honoured ritual of stealing food from a male companion's plate.

Cue The Red Consultancy rounding up hapless couples in a London McDonald's.

Before they got there, however, the females were briefed to steal food unnoticed and were wired up to heart sensors to record their excitement.

The results, claimed Dr David Lewis, suggest women get a similar level of excitement from nicking food as they do from buying shoes.

So, why were the public, rather than the press office, used as guinea-pigs? 'We haven't got enough men,' an insider confides.

Perhaps they are scared off by the prospect of all those 'excitable' females?

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