2 minutes with: Gavin Griffiths, Publisher, Harlot

Harlot has just launched as a weekly online spin-off to raunchy women’s glossy monthly Scarlet. Is there scope for the title?
Harlot allows us to be a lot more current. Scarlet is a monthly, so the lead times are between two to three months. We’re going to print on the March issue right now, which doesn’t give us any opportunity to put things in at the last minute. So we came up with Harlot, which gets emailed out to readers on a Wednesday, meaning stuff can come in on a Monday or Tuesday and still go in.

Where did the idea come from?
Last year, we trialled an email newsletter called The Scarlet Letter, and 65,000 people signed up to it. It was a bit of a poor relation, to be honest, so we’ve invested in it, given it more content and rebranded it as Harlot. So while Scarlet may cover ‘diary of a fetish escort’ and ‘naked rugby boys’, Harlot deals with trends, celebs, events and gossip. If there’s an event happen­ing at the weekend that our readers would like, we can cover it. If there’s an interesting exhibition or sale about to start, we can flag it up at short notice.

What about product launches?
Definitely. If there’s a new handbag or something that one of the girls in editorial has seen and liked, we can put it in Harlot’s ‘Want’ section without having to plan it three issues in advance.

So, what else gets in?
It has to be newsworthy and very ‘now’ for Harlot. As with our sister publication, it has to be sassy and have a bit of attitude. Someone pitched a piece on a water-filtration system the other day. I know they were only doing their job, but really, that was never going to be suitable.

Anything else you want to hear about from PR executives?
As with many titles we often get accused of being London-centric, so we want to hear about events from all over the country.

Subscribers 60,000
Frequency Every Wednesday
Sign up at www.scarletmagazine.co.uk/harlotmagazine

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