DSG profits (again) from tech progress

When the Daily Mail and others ran stories this week on the rise of flat-screen TVs and demise of bulky, old-style sets - while namechecking DSG International - Diary got an unerring sense of deja vu.

The retailer's decision to focus on flat-screens has seen its spinners working overtime to make a positive story ('flat-screens are the future') out of a potentially negative one ('we can't flog our old tellies').

DSG has performed this trick before, sounding the death-knell for analogue radios, film-based cameras and the humble VCR. 'We've built up an appetite for it now,' admits DSG director of media relations Hamish Thompson. 'But don't chuck your old products away. They'll be on the Antiques Roadshow in the future.'

So, what does the technological grim reaper think will be the next household item to go? 'Beige-box-style PCs won't be around for much longer,' he predicts. 'And portable CD players are being replaced by mp3s.'

We'll be watching closely to see if DSG can pull off this PR trick again.

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