Brunswick staff are great characters

Brunswick founder Alan Parker and his colleagues have done a fair bit of firefighting in their time, but is the agency now recruiting superheroes?

One City hack tells us of a call from none other than two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - both claiming to work for Brunswick.

'Michelangelo and Raphael called me on the pretext of some City-related news, but I knew the truth,' giggles the wide-eyed journo. 'I'm just waiting for Leonardo and Donatello now.'

No word yet on whether Parker dresses up in a giant rat-in-a-kimono outfit and calls himself 'Splinter', but Brunswick did confirm account execs Michelangelo Bendandi and Raphael Mazet do work for the agency.

Aware that Brunswick also employs account director Michael Fuchs, Diary couldn't help but wonder whether Parker is actively staffing up with namesakes of his favourite artists.

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