Letter: Bloggers don't care about the money ...

Paul Abrahams opened his opinion piece with a question: 'Is blogging the 21st-century equivalent of citizen band radio?' ('Blogs: Smokey and the Bandit Part 4?', 1 Sep). The answer is no.

Maybe he puts his personal perspective on what is worth doing when he insists that bloggers have a 'fundamental issue' because there is no way of 'making money from their work'. He has missed the point entirely, twice.

A lot of people like to talk about the things that interest them and don't need to get paid to do so. The introduction of easy-to-use blogging tools is a gift to these people.

There's no need for cash when, potentially, the world thinks you're the new Dalai Lama of bowls, or knitting, or whatever it is you might be interested in.

Furthermore, if the world recognises that you know your onions, there is a chance that people may buy salad from you, if you were to set up a commercial sideline. This point is not lost on corporates.

Abrahams' advice that PROs should understand what is happening - but not 'waste too much money' setting up capabilities to respond - is, for all these reasons, bad advice.

James Farquharson, campaign manager, BondPR

- Editor's note: In Paul Abrahams' defence, he did specifically refer to a blog - siliconvalleywatcher.com - which accepts sponsorship.

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