Letter - ...and the PR industry must catch up fast

Paul Abrahams displays a surprising lack of insight about the role blogs play in shaping opinion online and off.

OK, so 99 per cent of blogs may be of little interest to you and I - but so what? Just compare this with 'traditional' forms of media: 99 per cent of trade press is similarly of no interest to the majority of people - but for its specific target audience, it may be very influential indeed.

Abrahams poses the question 'How should PROs respond to blogging?', then fudges the issue by suggesting we should invest in it, but not too much lest the 'fad' dies out.

But given that blogging is an ideal vehicle for demonstrating engagement, depth of expertise and quality of thinking, I'm surprised the UK PR industry hasn't embraced it more. At its best, a good blog enables an agency to dynamically express its culture and personality, rather than just paying lip-service to it through dull corporate brochures and bland website text.

As such, it can also work as an effective influencing and promotional tool for what the agency is ultimately selling.

Joe Banks, account director, Johnson King

PAUL ABRAHAMS' column last week prompted a flood of posts on influential blog sites, including:



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