2 minutes with: John Bird Editor-in-chief, The Big Issue

The Big Issue marks its 15th birthday with a new-look magazine, out on Monday

Tell us about the relaunch
I would call it a reinvention, rather than a relaunch. We have been around for 15 years, so we're not the new kid on the block any more, and it's time to look carefully at what we have achieved. We have tended to try to be like other people, but that's not the case any more, and it is time to refocus.

What should readers expect?
We are changing the magazine's ethos and are focusing on finding solutions to the things we report. Often, when the media report on what's going on in the world, they only cover the negative. If you believed everything you read, you would think everyone was a rapist or a pervert with a series of bombs strapped around their middle. So The Big Issue's role will be not to subscribe to that fear - we will try to participate in change by finding answers to issues such as anti-social behaviour, problems within communities or terror threats.

What else is new?
As well as a visual redesign, there will be more audience participation - we will provide links and contact details relevant to the topics touched upon, and additional downloadable content from bigissue.com.

When should PROs get in touch?
We go to press on Fridays for the following Monday's issue, so Tuesdays are probably the quietest days to get in touch, preferably by email.

How could PROs help?
We would like suggestions for both news and features about anti-social behaviour. For example, I know some villainous people who have sorted themselves out and now they're helping others - something like that could form the basis of a news story. So anyone who gets wind of something like that should get in touch, because we could do something with it.

Circulation 154,932
Lead-in Four days
Frequency Weekly
Contact editorial@bigissue.com

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