Letter - Aspiring brands are driving PR in China...

Your special report ('Agencies drawn by China's riches,' 21 July) was full of boasts of healthy year-on-year growth. But isn't this to be expected in a market where PR is the new kid on the block that everyone wants to adopt?

Having worked with Chinese companies, I know the trust bestowed on PR is increasing - but the grass isn't half as green as it appears.

We have heavily subsidised our entry into China, just as, I suspect, have the agencies quoted in your feature.

The Chinese will not pay top dollar for consultancy and are extremely budget-conscious. They are also reluctant to enter into retainer agreements, which are alien to them, preferring instead to play agencies off against one another for project work.

However, there is money to be made in China. The real opportunity is to help aspiring, new Chinese brands, which have their eyes firmly on the European market.

They are hungry to be in the same league as their neighbours, Japan and Korea, and are also jostling for the coveted position of the first Chinese superbrand.

Wahida Ashiq, founder and CEO, 93 1/2.

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