Let's Meet at... The City Inn

Reviewed by David Cunningham, marketing manager at Lewis.

The City Inn benefits from its location near Westminster and is one of the most relaxed eating atmospheres in the area.

I often take clients there for meetings,as it's close to our offices in Milbank Tower, and they are usually impressed by the surroundings. Beyond the open-plan lobby, a flight of stairs leads you to a light-filled lounge, lined with four rows of furniture, a middle pair of red settees flanked by beige ones - and dining tables.

Under head chef Peter Lloyd, the restaurant has gained a reputation for unpretentious food and a good atmosphere. Service can be a little slow when the restaurant is empty, but is, bizarrely, right on track when it is full. The gentle atmosphere in the middle of the day does allow for open conversation and you never feel too 'watched over' by the staff, although the service can be a little hit and miss.

The burger is always tempting, but go for something more adventurous such as roast grouse or pork and lentil soup - you won't be disappointed. The menu is very English, which impresses clients both from the UK and the US.

The restaurant benefits from the adjacent Millbank lounge, where you can retire for drinks. And as it's under a hotel, if clients have come to you, they have somewhere to stay, too.

Where: City Cafe, The City Inn, 30 John Islip Street, London SW1
Contact: 020 7932 4600
How much: Around £25 per person

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