What the papers say: Princes pull off a right royal coup

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the three princes’ interview with Ant and Dec was just how unremarkable the Royals appeared to be.

The unprecedented interview with Charles, William and Harry to mark the 30th anniversary of the Prince’s Trust successfully showed how down-to-earth the princes can be, despite being often perceived as out-of-touch and (in Harry’s case) yobbish.

The ‘heart-warming anecdotes of Windsor family domesticity’ (The Times, 19 May) included Harry and Wills’ arguments about the remote control, how rubbish they are at cooking, their taste in music, and how much they enjoy reality TV.

‘Princes “watch Pop Idol!”’ (viewlondon.co.uk, 19 May); ‘Royals reveal rows over remote’ (bbc.co.uk, 19 May) ran some of the anodyne headlines.

‘Hey! Look at them! They’re just like us’ noted Megastar.co.uk (19 May).

And therein lay the interview’s genius. With the exception of Prince Charles’s Eeyore-ish confession that he likes Leonard Cohen, royal PROs’ skilful manoeuvring of the Royal Family into the 21st century continues apace.
Analysis conducted by Echo Research from data supplied to PRWeek from NewsNow.

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