2 minutes with: Julian Linley, editor, First

What type of woman does First target? Our core readers are 30-plus suburban mothers, who are intelligent, outward-looking and concerned about the world in which their children are growing up. They might like celebrity gossip and handbags, but they also want something more intelligent. This time-pressured group doesn’t have time to read newspapers every day, so this is its digest of the week.

What does First offer that, say, the Daily Mail doesn’t?
Newspapers such as the Mail have a traditional way of delivering news, and do the huge job of catering for both men and women of all ages, whereas First focuses on photography and news targeted at women.

How topical can you be?
We go on sale on Wednesdays, and our final deadline is Monday lunchtime, so there are a small number of pages that can be worked on during Monday. Generally PROs should contact us a week before we come out, but if you have a fantastic news story then we will do our best to squeeze it in.

What would be a great story for First?
Things that affect the reality of our readers’ lives. This week there was a story about the £15 Marks & Spencer top that has been credited with turning around the company’s prospects – many readers might have bought that top themselves.

What products do they like?
They are interested in fashion and beauty. Prices should be realistic – they wouldn’t spend £400 on a bag.

In which other areas could PROs help?
Celebrity interviews, health stories, fashion and beauty, film, books, travel, property, childcare and child safety. Email is preferable to post, and it’s worth making a quick phone call to chase if you genuinely believe your idea is fantastic. Target the right person – such as shopping ed Bonnie Rakhit for fashion queries.

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