2 minutes with: Hanna Cowan, editor, Super Super

Super Super launched last month, run by ex-members of the Sleazenation editorial team. How is it different?

Our creative directors are the former editor and fashion editor of Sleazenation, but Super Super isn't quite as ironic. We cover a wider range of topics and are more positive.

How can that be? A style title that's not terrifyingly cool?
Some traditional style titles can be dry with no sense of humour, so we're different. We do use high-end fashion, but post-Heat everyone's used to magazines being something fun, that they can read quickly, so that's what we aim for.

What do you feature?
Fun, exciting stories. That might be 24 hours with an underground style icon, or trend spotting – where we take pictures of trends we see out and about and do a humorous write-up. There's Super f***king cool, a page talking about someone we think is hot that month, and we trawl MySpace to compile a list of our top five people.
There are pages of fashion and gadgets and gizmos, fun real-life stories, and music and club reviews.

What kind of clubs would you visit?
Anything – it could be a Vogue party or a goth night – that's the point. Our target audience is anyone aged 15 to 30, so loads of things are of interest to us. In fashion, for example, we'll use anything, from the high street to expensive haute couture.

How far ahead do you work?
Our deadlines are less than a week before we publish, so PROs can potentially get in touch any time – ideally via email – although sooner is better.

Do PROs help you find style icons?
Not often – that's why they are underground! But we talk to PROs all the time, especially for fashion and music. Often there are no boundaries, and PROs are almost editorial contributors.

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