Animal-testers have it too sweet already

I trust the headline and tone of your front-page lead ('Animal testing lobby fights for fair hearing,' 20 January) wasn't swayed by the fact that you and Haymarket have a vested economic interest in keeping 'the world's biggest pharmaceutical firms and UK medical groups' sweet?

The irony is, of course, that the Coalition for Medical Progress and its poor multi-billion-dollar cohorts believe they need a fair hearing when, in fact, animal testing has soared under this government.

Compassionate Blair and his cronies are doing all they can to prevent even peaceful protests against the industry, and the ad-funded media clearly know on which side their bread is buttered (Channel 4's recent Animals documentary was dreadfully selective with its tone and editing).

Man is supposed to be the intellectually and spiritually higher being, yet some arrogantly believe this gives them the right to inflict grotesque, sadistic torture on other species that have done no wrong and cannot fight back.

Many use this 'intellect' to put forward scientific, even ethical, reasons for their abhorrent work. Whatever the rhetoric or purse-filled PR spin, vivisection is quite simply one of the most horrendous, unnecessary money-driven evils of our time.

Martin Howell, managing director, Lynx PR.

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