2006 - it's time to embrace your faults

In 2005 many consumers nurtured a snarling hostility to almost anything resembling marketing or corporate insincerity. The target was vague, yet we all knew what it was: the bullshit and spin highlighted in the Christmas bestseller Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit? - and more recently in David Cameron's talk of ending 'Punch and Judy' politics.

People grow ever hungrier for honesty, even if it means conceding fallibility.

Witness the continuing respect of Manchester United fans for former captain Roy Keane, or our admiration for cricketer Freddie Flintoff. Remember his 'I'm ugly and I'm overweight but I'm happy'? Now that was cut-through.

In 2006 the opportunity for the PR industry lies in convincing clients to 'do a Freddie' - embracing failings as a prelude to sorting them.

The principle will be copied. And we'll all wish we'd thought of it first.

Joy Asibey, project manager, The Fish Can Sing.

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