Letter: ...and a warning for many agencies

Accenture's purchase of Media Audits should cause every PR company to have a strategic panic and revisit their basic choice: bricklayer or architect?

Bricklayers lay bricks, are good at it and get paid by the brick. Architects conceive grand plans, create concepts and solve big problems.

Step by relentless step, PR agencies will find themselves reporting to intermediaries with smart suits and MBAs, like Accenture, rather than the client directly for agency search, measurement, evaluation and audit.

Soon these intermediaries will be contracted to write the agency brief, then manage the agency's implementation for the client.

Put this on the agenda for your agency's next strategic away day and make the call. Or be toast.

Yes it's early days and I'm a crackpot voice in the wilderness, but when you get contracted by Accenture instead of your client, please email me so I can reply 'I told you so'.

Mark Adams, partner, Pembridge Partners LLP.

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