2 minutes with: Cavan Scott Editor, Zap!

What makes recently launched Zap! stand out from other gaming magazines?

It's firmly a children's magazine, aimed at boys aged between seven and 12. It's the only magazine for the pre-teen gamer, and it only features games that are classified 12+ or under. So at a time when parents are often concerned about the adult content of some games, they can be sure their kids are safe when they're reading Zap!.

It all sounds very wholesome...
It strikes the balance between being wholesome and being cool. The last thing we want the boys to think is that it's cutesy or safe, so there are plenty of jokes and slimy things, too. For example, our free gift in the next issue is a plastic joke kit, so our readers can torture their grannies on Christmas Day.

What else is in the next issue?
Kids aren't really interested in the people who make the games, they want to read about their favourite characters. So next issue we'll put readers' questions to Darth Vadar.

The questions are posed by characters – every issue is edited by 'Zap Boy', a superhero whose band of robots run the magazine and do the interviews. They also star in cartoon strips.

What else is on offer?
There are puzzles and features on how to draw characters, and our reviews are really important, too. Many kids' mags basically just write up press releases, but we won't do that – we always make sure we play the games.

How often do you talk to PROs?
Pretty frequently. Zap! is a really good place to put children's games and other fun things that may be snubbed by traditional gamers' magazines.

How should they contact you?
We work around a month ahead, so give us a call or an email as early as possible in that cycle. Ideas stand out if they have good artwork, especially if there's an activity we can build around them for kids.

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