Awareness campaign close-up: Pituitary group to tackle confusion

The Pituitary Foundation is calling on the NHS to ‘stop the confusion’ over disease diagnosis to mark its second annual awareness day.

Organisation The Pituitary Foundation
Campaign Pituitary Awareness Day
Date 24 November
PR team In-house
Budget Undisclosed

Around 70,000 Britons have conditions relating to the pituitary, a small, pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain that functions as 'the master gland'.

The charity works to boost awareness of little-known pituitary disorders including acromegaly and craniopharyngioma – conditions that are frequently misidentified by hospital staff.

The small Bristol-based charity is this year seeking to raise awareness of one particular condition – diabetes insipidus – in which the kidneys are unable to retain water, leading to production of large quantities of urine.

Awareness project manager Jan Packer said: 'We have written to all the major hospitals but because the symptoms are so diverse, it
is difficult both to diagnose – and publicise.'

It is specifically targeting staff in A&E departments and has also authored an article in the latest issue of a primary-care diabetes journal.

Many of its 40 local support groups across the UK will also undertake awareness activity, such as manning information stands in hospitals and contacting local news journalists.

The charity will also bid to get into the national media, mainly by targeting freelances with whom it has worked in the past.

The charity, which marked its tenth anniversary last year, is supported by some of the major drugs firms that make medication for pituitary patients.

For further information contact The Pituitary Foundation on 0845 450 0376.

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