2 minutes with: Jessamy Hawley Senior Writer, GadgetCandy.com

Gadget magazine T3 is behind a new website aimed at women, GadgetCandy.com. What’s it all about?

Research has shown that women spend on average £634 a year on gadgets, and this website is for them. It's a new and exciting market – there are only a couple of other women's gadget websites out there. And we are the only girls' site to have backing by a print magazine.

T3 magazine is all boys' toys and scantily clad girls, isn't it? What can it offer women?
The team has great expertise, and GadgetCandy.com makes the most of that. But it caters for a young, female audience and is presented in a totally different way. Most of the gadgets are different, too, such as the mobile phone holder designed by Agent Provocateur, which we featured recently.

Oooh, it's all pink...
Yes, but it's also stylish, like the gadgets. We've found that girls don't want pink, fluffy things, they want attractive, sleek, grown-up toys that look really elegant in their handbags.

What can we expect?
There are small articles about things such as accessories, watches and phones, written in a playful way. We have different sections, including Celebrity Candy, featuring star gadgets, and the Naughty Candy section with adult-themed products.

Do you spend much time speaking to PROs?
Probably about an hour a day. We write four stories a day, so product news is really useful.

What will make in onto the site?
New products, upgrades or accessories that will appeal to women, are stylish and a bit different, as well as men's gadgets.

How should they contact you?
Email is best, followed up with a phone call later. Sending in samples is helpful, too.

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