Voluntary Sector: London bombs relief effort elevates Red Crossprofile

Despite July's media being dominated by human disaster stories at home and abroad, two UK animal charities succeeded in getting themselves in the top five of the NGO Watch table.

The RSPCA's Put a Leash on Animal Cruelty campaign, run in conjunction with The Sun, generated substantial coverage, with the paper dedicating space in both news and letters pages.

Bird charity the RSPB released a study showing that wetland birds were suffering due to a drought in the South-East, and called on water companies to be punished for the 'shameful' leakage rates of their water pipes.

However, it was the human cost of the London terror attacks that pushed the Red Cross to the top of the coverage statistics. Intense media coverage of the disaster relief effort boosted the organisation's already high profile.

The ongoing Make Poverty History campaign kept Oxfam near the top, while George W Bush's admission ahead of the G8 summit that carbon emission reduction targets were 'not in US interests' allowed Friends of the Earth to claim the number four slot.

NGO WATCH - JULY 2005 RANKING Ranking NGO No of mentions 1 Red Cross 315 2 Oxfam 259 3 RSPCA 221 4 Friends of the Earth 194 5 RSPB 189 6 Cancer Research 163 7 Greenpeace 104 8 Christian Aid 102 9 Age Concern 101 10 Amnesty International 83 Source: Infonic

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