Global Report Cards: Cast on the world stage

PRWeek requested the operational details of 18 of the leading players in the international PR market

MARGERY KRAUS - APCO WORLDWIDE - HQ: Washington DC - President and CEO - Margery Kraus - Total staff - 402

- Wholly owned offices: Washington DC, New York, Ottawa, Sacramento, Seattle, Brussels, Berlin, Bonn, Geneva, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta.

- Global structure: Managed by regional directors who report to the CEO.

- Three largest international accounts: Menatep (corporate comms), Dow Corning (reputation management), Borealis (public affairs, media relations).

- Global performance: Global revenue is up 24 per cent from $46.8m in 2003 to $58m in 2004. International revenues grew by 18.8 per cent from 2003 to 2004.

- Best-performing regions: All regions experiencing growth. North America remains strongest region.

- Future plans: Entered the Middle East by partnering with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, the largest Arab consultancy group, in April. Considering eastern Europe.

ANDREA COVILLE - BRODEUR WORLDWIDE - HQ: Boston - CEO North America & Asia - Andrea Coville - Total staff - not available

- Wholly owned offices: More than 70 offices in 50 countries across America, EMEA, Asia and Europe. Merger of EMEA offices in 2004 formed Brodeur/Pleon network.

- Global structure: Global board comprising John Brodeur, chairman; Andrea Coville, CEO Brodeur North America and Asia; Rainer Zimmerman, CEO EMEA (Pleon); and Alex Schoep, President EMEA (Pleon).

- Three largest international accounts: IBM (global services) for the last 16 years in conjunction with Ketchum; Avnet (crisis comms and messaging); WRQ (integrated comms).

- Global performance: Global revenue up since last year, international revenue also up.

- Best-performing regions: US and EMEA and evidence of potential growth in China and India. Growth in Latin America hindered by fewer multi-country clients there.

- Future plans: Expansion of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai offices to grow into China and looking for opportunities through acquisition or organic growth.

THOMAS NIDES - BURSON-MARSTELLER - HQ: New York - President & CEO Worldwide - Thomas Nides - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: Forty-four including LA, Miami, Washington DC, Brussels, Paris, Oslo, London, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Tokyo, Seoul.

- Global structure: Executive board numbers 16. Top global accounts serviced by key client relationship leaders. The business is split into four global practices - corporate/financial, healthcare, public affairs, technology.

- Three largest international accounts: US Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and Federal Reserve System (management, media relations); SAP (corporate and product PR); Accenture (corporate comms and local comms teams).

- Global performance: Global revenue is flat, Latin America double-digit top-line growth and Asia-Pacific solid growth offset by shortfalls in both the US and Europe.

- Best-performing regions: Asia-Pacific and China grew 44 per cent in 2004.

- Future plans: Investment particularly in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions.

DONNA IMPERATO - COHN & WOLFE - HQ: New York - Global CEO - Donna Imperato - Total staff - 375

- Wholly owned offices: Offices in New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

- Global structure: The agency is financially structured by office location, with certain client relationships overlapping markets.

- Three largest international accounts: Samsung, Serono, Torino.

- Global performance: Global revenue for 2004 up 14 per cent on 2003, with global staffing up 14.4 per cent. No business won or lost due to global consolidation of PR business.

- Best-performing regions: US.

- Future plans: Considering international acquisitions and organic growth as well as more focus on the brand-building work and research sides of the business which aims to improve ideas generation.

RICHARD EDELMAN - EDELMAN - HQ - New York/Chicago - President and CEO - Richard Edelman - Total staff - 1,833

- Wholly owned offices: Forty-two including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Portland (US); Montreal, Toronto; London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris (Europe); and Beijing, Sydney, Taipei, Guangzhou (Asia-Pacific).

- Global structure: Matrix structure that combines local country and regional knowledge with specialists in specific practices. There are 17 practices, including CSR, Design, Diversity, Litigation, Public Affairs, Travel and Tourism, Health and Industrial and Technology.

- Three largest international accounts: Microsoft (Asia-Pacific, Europe, US, since 1994); Pfizer (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, since 1994); AstraZeneca (US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, since 1999).

- Global performance: Global revenue up 11.8 per cent; international up 14.9 per cent (US up 10.3 per cent; Europe up 17.8 per cent; Canada down 1.9 per cent; Latin America down 2.2 per cent; Asia up 21.8 per cent).

- Best-performing regions: Asia-Pacific, which was well above expectations, and strong results from joint venture in India with R&P Management Communications.

- Future plans: No plans to decrease investment in any region.

JOHN GRAHAM - FLEISHMAN-HILLARD - HQ: St Louis, Missouri - Chairman and CEO - John Graham - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: Sixty-one including Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Milan, Edinburgh, London, Minneapolis, Dallas, St Louis, Washington DC, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong.

- Global structure: Multi-tiered, decentralised management structure which sees the company managed geographically - by office and region. Includes network of 150 client relationship managers who focus on talent and client needs regardless of location or practice specialisation.

- Three largest international accounts: Procter & Gamble (brand marketing, issues, crisis and reputation management); Tata Consultancy (corporate comms, media relations); Emerson (corporate reputation, internal comms, environment).

- Global performance: All global regions have experienced year-on-year growth; all international regions have experienced year-on-year growth. Won McCain Foods.

- Best-performing regions: All operating regions are on track for growth for rest of the year, with especially strong growth under way in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

- Future plans: Not considering entering any new region, but is considering expansion in South-East Asia and central and eastern Europe.

JEFF HUNT - GCI - HQ: New York - Global CEO - Jeff Hunt - Total staff - 800

- Wholly owned offices: Atlanta, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Mexico City, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, India, South Africa, Malaysia and Japan.

- Global structure: Global management team. North American operations overseen by Jeff Hunt; Adrian Wheeler chairman of GCI Europe (from London office).

- Largest international accounts: Dell (corporate positioning in 26 countries).

- Global performance: Undisclosed

- Best-performing regions: Undisclosed

- Future plans: Two years ago GCI embarked on a corporate strategy based on research that indicated clients were expecting more than ever to see a return on their investment in PR. Future plans will see GCI continue to take a sharpened approach to strategy development by emphasising research, analysis and impact quantification.

FRED COOK - GOLIN HARRIS - HQ: Chicago - President & CEO - Fred Cook - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: Thirty offices in Asia, EMEA and the US, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris, The Hague and Tokyo.

- Global structure: Geographically and by practice group. Accounts are served by multiple offices and practices, with one individual as the client relationship leader.

- Three largest international accounts: SC Johnson - led in Chicago (brand strategy and corporate comms); Florida Department of Citrus (in the US, Canada, UK, France, Sweden and Norway since 1995); and DHL (media relations and issues management).

- Global performance: Global performance met expectations. No meaningful change in income since last year.

- Best-performing regions: All regions performed better than last year, especially the US. Successful introduction of the brand in Dubai.

- Future plans: Plans to introduce Golin Harris in at least one additional international market in 2005 based on client need.

LOU HOFFMAN - HOFFMAN AGENCY - HQ: San Jose, California - Global CEO - Lou Hoffman - Total staff - 110

- Wholly owned offices: Twelve offices - San Jose, Denver, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Munich and Paris.

- Global structure: In Asia, office heads report to a regional managing director, who reports to CEO Lou Hoffman.In Europe, the three office heads also report to Hoffman. The CFO is charged with worldwide operations while the Asia-Pacific controller reports dually to the Asia-Pacific MD and the global CFO.

- Three largest international accounts: Philips (product PR and issues PR, in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Japan); Xilinx (corporate comms and community affairs in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific); iPass (broadcast, IR, product PR).

- Global performance: Global revenue up 12 per cent; international revenue up 34 per cent.

- Best-performing regions: Japan and China; 46 per cent of revenue in 2004 came from outside the US corridors. Predicts 2006 will be the first year when more revenue will come from outside the US than from within it.

- Future plans: 2005 investments in China will exceed last year's investment (opening of second office there). In the middle of developing a relationship with Peking University to deliver a communications curriculum.

RICHARD NICHOLS - HUNTSWORTH PLC - HQ: London - Chief executive - Richard Nichols - Total staff - 1537

- Wholly owned offices: Forty-six offices including three in Birmingham, two in Brussels, two in Cardiff, two in Glasgow, two in Leeds, seven in London and others in Geneva, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, Tokyo, Zurich.

- Global structure: Matrix approach to provide the right expertise in the right place for a client based on its precise needs.

- Three largest international accounts: Withheld.

- Global performance: The impact of a busy programme of acquisitions for Huntsworth, and the subsequent merger with Incepta, means that global and international revenues, client and staffing numbers have all grown significantly over the past twelve months.

- Best-performing regions: Europe and the UK.

- Future plans: To invest more resources into Asia-Pacific and the US. Also considering entering central and eastern Europe.

RAYMOND KOTCHER - KETCHUM - HQ: New York - CEO - Raymond Kotcher - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Hamburg, Ketchum Entertainment Marketing, London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Paris, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Stromberg Consulting, Toronto, Washington DC.

- Global structure: Ketchum aligns itself according to five global practice areas - Brand Marketing, Corporate Communications, Food & Nutrition, Healthcare and Technology. Each practice area has a global director who communicates with colleagues via regular practice calls/conferences.

- Three largest international accounts: FedEx (corporate comms, government relations, issues and crisis management); Kodak (consumer product PR); IBM (media relations).

- Global performance: Increase in net new business (51 per cent of all new business pursued was won) has contributed to excellent global revenues.

- Best-performing regions: US, as well as solid performance in western Europe, Spain and France.

- Future plans: US for healthcare and public affairs. In China, including the recent opening of a new office in Chengdu, and Brazil for healthcare.

MARK HASS - MANNING SELVAGE & LEE - HQ: New York - Global CEO - Mark Hass - Total staff - 950

- Wholly owned offices: Atlanta, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto and Washington.

- Global structure: Overall management by Mark Hass, with largest multinational accounts (including Philips and Procter & Gamble) led by worldwide account directors.

- Three largest international accounts: Philips (corporate, domestic appliances, consumer electronics); Procter & Gamble (product and brand marketing support); Sanofi-aventis (corporate and crisis management, ethical healthcare communications).

- Global performance: 'Slight' rise in global revenues, international revenues increased slightly.

- Best-performing regions: Chicago and Atlanta markets growing strongly. Asia-Pacific continues to show the greatest potential. While no specific region is under-performing some are rebounding faster than others.

- Future plans: Actively seeking new partners.

MARCIA SILVERMAN - OGILVY PUBLIC RELATIONS - HQ: New York - Global CEO - Marcia Silverman - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: Global offices include Atlanta, Chicago, New York (US); Athens, Dublin Istanbul, London, Moscow (Europe); Bangalore, Colombo, Manila, New Delhi, Sydney, Tokyo (Asia-Pacific).

- Global structure: Three regions have regional executives reporting to Marcia Silverman, global CEO, with global practice heads for each of the seven practice areas. For larger accounts client service leaders work with the account on a global level.

- Three largest international accounts: DuPont (lead agency for all comms); Unilever (various projects in each region); CFA Institute (in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific).

- Global performance: Global revenue up nine per cent compared with 2003. International revenue up 8.9 per cent compared with 2003. Global and international staffing up 14 and 11 per cent respectively.

- Best-performing regions: US region is starting 2005 as it left 2004, with a strong performance. Asia-Pacific also performing 'extremely well'.

- Future plans: Continuing to look at opportunities in South and Latin America, as well as in Italy and Germany. These are areas where Ogilvy has small offices or affiliate relationships and want more presence.

AEDHMAR HYNES - TEXT 100 - HQ: San Francisco - Global CEO - Aedhmar Hynes - Total staff - 475

- Wholly owned offices: Boston, New York, Rochester, San Francisco, Seattle, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Auckland, Bangalore, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

- Global structure: Undisclosed

- Three largest international accounts: IBM (product PR and corporate comms across 17 locations since 2001); Xerox (product division PR across six locations); ARM (corporate comms, product PR, media relations, speaking opportunities, industry analyst relations, competitive depositioning).

- Global performance: Aggressive growth from new clients. Staffing up 17 per cent on last year.

- Best-performing regions: China continues to be an area of tremendous growth. By investing in three offices throughout greater China which include Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Text 100 has been able to extend client relationships into the region as driven by their business objectives.

- Future plans: Continued global expansion. China provides strong opportunities for growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in areas of consumer technology, which is thriving in southern China.

MELISSA W. ZORKIN - WAGGENER EDSTROM - HQ: Seattle - President & CEO - Melissa Waggener Zorkin - Total staff - 604

- Wholly owned offices: Fifteen in total - Texas, Beijing, Boston, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Munich, New York, Paris, Oregon, California, Seattle, Singapore, Connecticut and Washington DC.

- Global structure: Matrixed leadership structure with regional office leaders and practice group leaders, each reporting to the agency board of directors. Each global account is led by a member of the senior executive team.

- Three largest international accounts: Microsoft (account management for corporate, public affairs and technology practice groups); AMD (the same brief as for Microsoft).

- Global performance: Global fee revenue has increased by 17.1 per cent between 2003 and 2004. International fee revenue up 135 per cent between 2003 and 2004.

- Best-performing regions: Europe, London in particular.

- Future plans: Investment in EMEA and Asia. Also looking at expanding into Brussels this year to build public affairs practice. Also considering benefits of a buy, build or partner approach.

HARRIS DIAMOND - WEBER SHANDWICK - HQ: New York - Global CEO - Harris Diamond - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: In 24 cities in Canada and the US; in 39 cities and 25 countries in EMEA; in 14 cities and ten countries in Asia-Pacific.

- Global structure: Offices and practice areas throughout the world work collaboratively in serving clients with global needs. Executive management team is an integrated team of regional managers, global practice and client leaders.

- Three largest international accounts: Mastercard International (for the last ten years in 42 countries); Microsoft (since 1996 in 24 offices); Siemens (since 1999, working for its mobile phone unit and corporate reputation).

- Global performance: New client wins in 2004 include BAE Systems, Electronic Arts, Masterfoods, Unilever. Top 30 clients grew by 25 per cent.

- Best-performing regions: Europe and Asia-Pacific are experiencing higher growth than in recent years. China is fastest growing for international operations.

- Future plans: Investment in the US, China and in eastern Europe. Growth through focusing on organic growth.

HELEN OSTROWSKI - PORTER NOVELLI - HQ: New York - CEO - Helen Ostrowski - Total staff - n/a

- Wholly owned offices: Argentina, Canada, United States, Belgium and England.

- Global structure: Organised according to disciplines of marketing, corporate and public affairs, with global leaders in each. Core industry sectors include healthcare, technology, consumer and financial services. Each global client has one main global client relationship leader as well as local relationship managers in each country.

- Three largest international accounts: Hewlett-Packard, Qualcomm and Gillette.

- Global performance: Global revenues are expected to climb modestly in 2005. Revenues outside US expected to grow by single digits.

- Best-performing regions: US, France, Belgium and Australia. Latin America has also showed a good recovery.

- Future plans: Five global clients have placed work with PN in China, and it expects more to follow in the coming months. A Poland office is also planned with new strong agencies in Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria.

KATHY BLOOMGARTEN - RUDER FINN - HQ: New York - Joint CEO - Kathy Bloomgarten Total staff - 630

- Wholly owned offices: New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Jerusalem, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Sydney.

- Global structure: Each office has a managing director who reports to Kathy Bloomgarten and Peter Finn.

- Three largest international accounts: Novartis (corporate reputation, executive support, M&A, internal comms and change management); Audi (brand comms, media management, dealer comms, sponsorship, product launches); BT Infonet (ongoing top-tier business and trade media relations activities).

- Global performance: Global revenues up 13.4 per cent; international revenue up 40.6 per cent.

- Best-performing regions; Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Paris, San Francisco and southern California.

- Future plans: Planned expansion in Europe and eastern Europe following the enlargement of the EU.

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