Media Relations: 2 Minutes with... Michael Butcher, Editor, Reveal

How is Reveal different from other women's glossy weeklies?

The main thing is the four-in-one package of celebrity news, real-life stories that pack an emotional punch, lifestyle and TV listings. We go harder than others on the emotional issues behind the story, rather than reporting it plainly.

Who reads it?

In terms of social category, BC1 and C2 women aged 20-45, who like reading about other women's lives and celebrities to make sense of their own lives.

The gossip is for social currency, something to chat about rather than being bitchy. Readers are upbeat and busy, looking to be entertained.

You've just been appointed editor.

Any changes planned?

We are about to post double-digit growth in circulation for January-June 2005, which shows it is working, but we think we can build sales up to 400,000. The changes will not be drastic and will be in tone rather than content. I want to add a bit more humour, make it a bit more light-hearted and go even further into emotional issues.

What proportion of the content is PR-driven?

About 30 per cent across the board. TV PROs are massively important.

Without them we couldn't produce the listings. PROs are also hugely involved in the lifestyle and showbusiness areas, but less so in real-life stories, although there is still some involvement there.

What advice would you give PROs?

There is a masthead, which is really useful, so it would be helpful if they directed the relevant enquiry to the relevant person, besides my PA Helen Gregory. The other thing to bear in mind is saying something is an exclusive, when it isn't. Think of the newsiness or currency to the subject. That is the best way to get in the mag.

Circulation: 239,907

Deadline: Thursdays

Frequency: Weekly


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