Media Relations: 2 Minutes with... Alex Godfey, Editor, Bizarre

Sum up the magazine

Our name tells you all you need to know - it's a celebration of everything that is bizarre with the world. We delve into counter-culture, kinky sex, twisted crime, gore, and the paranormal.

Men with vaginas, wheelchair-bound porn actors and voluntary eunuchs all feature in our 100th issue.

You're also celebrating your 100th issue with a redesign. What has changed?

We will be reviewing a lot more films, DVDs, CDs and books, broadening the scope of what we review and adding more box-outs. So, for example, you'll get reviews of more mainstream films (such as Total Recall) in the DVD section alongside the usual hideous cannibal fare.

Our front section, Mondo Bizarro, is also expanding, now covering more bizarre arts alongside the bizarre news stories from around the world. We will be introducing more regular columns and features during the next few months.

What is your target audience?

We are aimed at men and women of all ages who are interested in something different, but we have no definable target audience. We get letters from professors, teachers, goths, squaddies and prisoners, so the range is broad.

What gets in and what doesn't?

To qualify for Bizarre, material must be left-field, weird, twisted and extreme. If you've got a product that would comfortably sit in any of the men's or lads' magazines, the chances are it wouldn't stand a chance of getting into Bizarre.

Who are your competitors?

Nobody else does what we do so we have no direct competition. Most of our readers don't read other magazines.

Circulation: 85,000

Deadline: Press dates change constantly

Frequency: 13 times a year


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