Media Relations: 2 Minutes with... Maureen Rice, Editor, Psychologies

Psychologies hits UK newsstands in September. What is it?

It's a women's magazine for those dissatisfied with the current crop.

There is no fashion, no shopping guides and no gossip.

So what will it cover?

There will be extensive book and film reviews, travel, and sections on food, wine, home, beauty and health.

What is the magazine's philosophy?

Positive living. This refers to our content and the attitude and aspirations of our readers. We're targeting open-minded, flexible people with good 'people' skills who can adapt quickly and easily.

Why the name?

Psychologies is 30 years old in France, and has been successfully launched in Spain and Italy with further launches in Russia and China planned.

So the name comes partly for international branding reasons. Also, when we researched the title it was considered to be the most appropriate name for the content: features about emotions, relationships and communication.

What market is it tapping into?

Many of our readers regularly read women's magazines, and we expect they will buy Psychologies as well as, rather than instead of, them. In France, about 50 per cent of the magazine's two million readership are women who read no other magazine.

What products and services or stories would make it in and what wouldn't?

We aren't featuring any fashion spreads or product-only 'shopping guides', so all products will be featured in context. Does your product lend itself to one of our departments, and to the ethos of having a richer life? If so, we'd like to hear about it.

How should PROs contact you?

Editorial assistant Rosie Ifould can deal with enquiries direct or refer them to the correct person or department.

Circulation: 100,000 (target)

Deadline: End of July for the first issue, then to be confirmed

Frequency: Monthly


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