Media Relations: 2 Minutes with... Chris Amos, Editor-in-chief, Bent

What is Bent magazine?

Bent is the largest-circulation free gay publication in the UK - an up-to-date lifestyle guide for gay men.

What editorial changes has the redesign brought?

We've got a new listings section, cooking features, freebies and discount cards for paid-for copies. New products this month include cool clothes for dogs and a body-hair trimmer just for men.

Do you get enough attention from PROs?

We get more than enough material. There's a handful of good stuff and a heap of rubbish. But we need help with fitness, health and beauty. I'm interested in things like holistic medicine and new-age treatments.

How can PROs help?

PROs could get more celebrity stories, news and gossip. We tend to just get record companies flogging their artists, and we're not that interested in that. We have other sections for up-and-coming people.

When should PROs get in touch?

Up to four to six weeks in advance. But everything needs to be super, super current and as up to date as possible. These days you have to compete with the internet. We write about things that are about to happen.

Do profiled celebrities need to be gay?

No, but they have to be of interest to gay people. Just because Vin Diesel hasn't come out as gay doesn't mean he's not popular with our readers.

We would never do Mel Gibson, but I'd do Tom Cruise. He is not anti-gay and the allegation that he is gay is interesting in itself.

Who are the best editorial contacts?

I'm a bit of a control freak and it all comes through me. Bent is a representation of what I like and what I'm interested in. But my deputy editor Ollie Hawkins has been here for a couple of years and understands me, so I'm in the process of handing a lot over to him.

Circulation: 42,347

Deadline: Two weeks

Frequency: Monthly


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