Media Relations: 2 Minutes with ... Tom Phillips Associate editor, The London Line

Do we need another Tube paper?

No offence to Associated Newspapers, but there's a large audience who don't really engage with the Evening Standard's agenda and find Metro doesn't hold their attention for long. From 14 April, we'll be offering more choice in the market.

How is TLL different?

We're weekly, so our news agenda will be quite a bit different, with a strong features-led approach. We take our 'alternative' tag to heart - we'll cover things outside of the mainstream, and with a much more irreverent, fun tone.

Who's your target?

Young professionals mainly - intelligent, culturally aware and internet-savvy. People who want something entertaining to read with exciting, offbeat ideas for places to go out.

Please outline your sections

News, music, film, arts and culture, multimedia and consumer technology, restaurants, travel and fashion. A Weekend Planner section will filter out the best, most interesting and most unusual things to do from Thursday to Sunday. We have no sport because we always used to get bullied in PE at school.

Is TLL useful for issues-based PR?

We cover everything from local issues on the streets of London to the biggest international news. With a strong focus on stories that are under-reported by the nationals, we'll have to build great relationships with various advocacy groups.

Do you want product samples?

Yes! Give it to us! All of it! We love stuff and are always keen to be offered stuff so that we may share that stuff with our readers who love stuff too.

When should PROs call?

By Monday, although earlier would be good. For the cultural stuff, we plan further in advance, so we'd prefer at least a week's notice. Friday is totally the best day to contact us.

Circulation: Around 30,000

Deadline: Daily

Frequency: Weekly

Contact: 020 7053 2293

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