Media Relations: 2 Minutes with... Annabel Brog, Editor, Sugar

Tell us about the revamp of your mag

Teenage girls have changed since Sugar launched ten years ago. The redesign reflects the fact that they no longer want something that is obviously for teenagers. The days of a million bright colours are over. They want a magazine that is as gorgeous, sophisticated, stylish and fun as any upmarket women's glossy, but which is relevant for them.

Couldn't they read women's mags?

Reality TV has made celebrity more accessible, but teenagers still have the same emotional anxieties and vulnerabilities. Aspiration can make people feel bad. Sugar tells readers they are beautiful and shows them they can be glamorous with their body shape and budget. There is nothing that is not achievable in Sugar.

What products do you feature?

Teenagers' levels of aspiration are just as high as that of their mothers.

As much as the mother is desperate for a pair of Gucci sunglasses, so is the daughter. She will save up her money and go and buy them.

To which sections can PROs contribute?

Shop has pages of fashion editorial, where readers can 'text to win' the products and brands featured. We'll mix it up but I'd like to make it so readers could win everything that they read about. Also, our VIP Club allows readers to write reviews, test products and model for the magazine. If a reader can interact with a product it builds loyalty.

Is topicality essential?

We're very keen to be topical so speed is a currency. Shops change their lines weekly. It is the world our readers live in and we need to reflect that.

Explain your lead times

We're currently working on the issue that comes out at the end of April.

We decide what we want in the magazine at the beginning of the previous month and April's issue goes to press by the end of March.

Circulation: 295,364

Deadline: One month

Frequency: Monthly

Contact: 020 7150 7050

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