Media Relations: 2 Minutes with... Carl Styan Editor, Full House

Why do we need another women's weekly mag?

There continues to be considerable growth across the women's weekly sector.

There's always room for a magazine that does things better and there is most definitely space for a title that combines true life, celebrity, prizes and puzzles in an innovative way.

Outline Full House's celebrity-driven strategy

It applies the in-depth approach of real-life magazines to celebrity - and celebrates the fun, excitement and wonder of real life. It is people's stories that matter, not their fame.

How much content is sourced from PROs?

Lots of the prizes and a fair bit of showbiz news come from PROs. We want to hear about a cause or event as long as the celebrity has a personal reason for being involved and wants to talk about it. As for true life, PROs tend to offer case studies instead of real-life stories. Case studies are just examples of this disease or that financial worry. Who wants to read what they already know? Real-life stories surprise you.

Which celebrities typify the mag?

The best of British talent. Anyone with a good story to tell - they can be male, female, old or young.

Please describe particular sections PROs should know about

As well as true life, celebrity and prizes, we also have sections for health, family, fashion, beauty and pets.

What sort of competition prizes are you looking for?

Luxury holidays, family getaways, spa breaks, gadgets, beauty products, fashion and home accessories. Anything you would want to win.

Are exclusives important?

We definitely need exclusive stories, although picture exclusives are not always important.

How far in advance do you plan/work?

Two months. We can receive news up to two weeks out, but two months is better.

Print run: More than one million

Deadline: Two weeks

Frequency: Weekly

Contact: 020 7406 1582

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