Diary: The 'right' way to target journalists

With junior executives constantly joining the PR industry, now is a good time for PROs to brush up on their media relations skills.

The Guild of Health Writers for one has had enough of incorrectly addressed releases, buried or non-existent news hooks, overloaded inboxes and useless gimmicks.

'How to Win Friends & Influence Journalism' is its latest attempt to set some standards for dealing with that prickly beast - the journalist.

The guild's booklet offers advice such as: get your target's name right, know how they like to be contacted and stop calling to check which bin a press release has been placed in. Targeting journalists with stunts?

Don't even think about it!

Pretty simple stuff really, so why are journalists still complaining?

One hack remarks: 'I once got sent a cube of mattress material. Why?

Also a hopping fluffy chick, a packet of crumbs that had once been breadsticks and a fish net. Is there a collectors' market for these items?' PRWeek would like to take this opportunity to discourage PROs from donating such items for our tsunami benefit sale to the public on 26 February. Quality products and services only please.

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