2 minutes with: Malcolm Allsop Executive producer, Trisha Goddard

How has Trisha changed with this week’s move from ITV to Five? It has a more interactive and live feel. It is more about helping people improve their lives.

So it’s not another Jerry Springer?

We’re not interested in that show. We want to become a resource for our audience. Trisha’s big message is ‘don’t be a victim – if you have a problem, get it sorted out’.

Can PROs get involved?

We will look at life improvement in a variety of ways so PROs should take that in its widest context to include everything from clothing to mental health. I want to hear from life- enhancement publishers.

Is it about real life or celebs?

The show will still look at real-life stories, but will take it onto the next stage. We’re very interested in celebrities who have had some sort of trauma in their lives.

What segments does Trisha have?

The show is fluid and will evolve over the next 12 months. We’ll look at anything, including competitions should the right opportunity come up. The format is flexible enough to devote a whole programme to one topic if it is warranted.

How will the week’s shows develop?

It’ll have different themes for different days to reflect how people feel. On Mondays we’ll deal with conflict and change because people start the week with resolutions. Friday will have a more fun, looser feel heading into the weekend. We’re also developing some prime-time products for Five.

When should PROs pitch ideas?

We’re producing 200 shows a year and work on ideas two to three weeks ahead of filming. If there is a late-breaking story, we can get it on within a week of filming.

How is Five’s audience different?

The Five demographic is younger and funkier than ITV’s and we are seeing that reflected by the studio audiences.

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