2 minutes with: Hugh Taggart Regional markets news editor, Dow Jones MarketBeat

What is Dow Jones MarketBeat? It’s a news, commentary and analysis service focused on the derivatives markets and aimed at hedge funds and trading desks throughout Europe. It has been launched to look at investment and trading opportunities and will provide a rolling service.

2 minutes with: Hugh Taggart Regional markets news editor,   Dow Jones MarketBeat

What can PROs offer you?

We’re looking for information about structured products that banks might be launching. I also want to hear from any PROs representing banks’ research teams on derivatives or multi-asset strategies. We want to show what the major players think about key events, and provide viewpoints on strategy timing.

What do you want to hear more about?

Mergers and acquisitions are very difficult to hear about but we’re not looking to put a spin on it. We just want to report it straight and make the M&A process clear and efficient.

We want to show people what is happening under the surface.

What sections do you have?

We constantly put out brief items, which are snippets of information saying ‘this is what people are talking about’ or ‘this is a trading item’. We also put out a ‘Wrap’ item three times a day that goes deeper. If there is a significant event that affects all asset markets, such as a terrorist strike for example, BeatWatch will cover it.

Who do you compete with?

There are no products exactly like MarketBeat. We compete with Reuters and Bloomberg but we cover all asset classes under one roof. The dailies are less interested in how M&As happen.

How much content do you produce?

We’re putting out 70 items a day on a rolling-screen system and building all the time. We have seven full-time staff of industry experts and journalists.

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