Opinion: Bolland adds fuel to Charles's fire

To date, a majority of ex-royal advisers - from Dickie Arbiter to Simon Lewis and Jane Atkinson to Simon Walker - have retained a largely dignified silence, or at least restraint, in the face of media fascination with the sheer awfulness of recent royal PR. Which is why Mark Bolland is such a gift to the media. What royal correspondent could ask for more? He is (although not perhaps for much longer) a confidante of the probable heir to the throne, who is not only willing to offer a tantalising glimpse of the inner workings of Clarence House, but even to pass comment on the psychological make-up of his former employer. Given free rein - and a newspaper column - Bolland not only adds insight to the story, but gives it a whole new momentum.

by Kate Nicholas, kate.nicholas@haynet.com

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