Campaign: Second Opinion

Buchanan Communications director Mark Court is a former Times and Sunday Telegraph technology journalist.

E2v technologies, with its use of lower-case letters and evocation of dotcom vocabulary, would be expected to bring some PR challenges. Add to that the company's independence arising from the fire sale of assets at Marconi, and the stock market's general wariness towards technology offerings.

The e2v IPO was a success by many measures - impressive, given that many other technology floats have been postponed or abandoned. The float gives credence to the City adage that there's always money for a good story.

The question is one of how well it was told.

It would be wrong to be too critical of the PR campaign. But there were some mixed messages, which probably didn't help to define the company.

For instance, why highlight e2v's roots in the radar systems of the Second World War? A story about its cutting-edge, hi-tech nature is probably better positioned in the future.

Also, there are some aspects of the business that seem not to have been capitalised on - particularly its commitment to dividends.

Perhaps there was a view that such a traditional quality might tempt description of the company as an unfashionable widget maker. Maybe the name e2v was a good idea after all.

Creativity: 2

Delivery: 4


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