2 minutes with: Alan Edmunds Editor, Western Mail

You have gone compact and undergone a redesign. Why? We want to modernise and broaden the paper’s appeal to include more families and younger people. We have taken a look at the mix of stories and how they are pitched and presented to attract that wider range of readers.

Are you scared of alienating traditional readers?

The paper started in 1869 as a broadsheet and is seen as a very serious paper that is the only national title in Wales. The content will be crucial but The Scotsman shows that the change to compact can be made without losing that respect.

What new sections are there?

We’ve introduced a range of new platforms over the past 18 months but this redesign adds a four-page TV pull-out every day, Health Wales every Monday, Golf Wales on Friday and the daily Coffee Break section featuring puzzles and fun diversionary content like ‘Keeping Up With the Jones’ and ‘Old Photos of Me’ that people can contribute to.

Has the editorial focus changed?

We’ve increased the amount of features and softened the tone a little but political and business stories still form a vital part of the balance.

What type of stories do you want to see more of?

Human interest stories are the real gems that you sometimes need help to find. Also off-diary stories that the other papers won’t have.

What place do UK and global stories have?

Our unique selling point is Wales but we also write a minimum of two pages on UK and international stories.

Are celebrities important?

There are only so many Welsh celebrities – Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones – and we don’t focus on them as much as a tabloid would. But depending on the story, I certainly wouldn’t apologise for featuring celebrities. They remain an important part of the mix.

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