2 minutes with: John Lawless Editor, European Business

Does Europe need a business mag? There are now parallels in Europe with the US business landscape, but Europe is an even bigger market and more than two thirds of trade is done by European companies.

Why do we need a pan-European business magazine?

Business conditions have changed substantially from the days when you had to impose a European view on business. Issues used to be about dismantling trade barriers and protected positions, but that is ancient history. Now there’s mostly one currency and less emphasis on national identity.

What do you want from PROs?

European Business is people-driven. There is a huge desire for information about people and we’re looking for entrepreneurial flair or failure.

Who can contribute?

We’d love to hear from PROs across Europe. Our market goes from Ireland in the west to Russia in the east. We’re first to launch in the pan-European market. Our competition is from national business magazines but you can’t afford not to take a pan-European approach these days.

What range of firms are featured?

I’m interested in everything from how the boss of an established company like Renault finds his successor to a small grave-tending company in Ireland. It’s about people doing interesting things in business that readers can relate to, trade on or be serviced by.

Where is it distributed?

It will be available on newsstands throughout Europe, and 16 major airlines have bulk-bought copies for first and business-class passengers.

What style do you have?

It’s a much faster read. We’re not going for the heavy 5,000-word articles that are typical of business magazines. It’s not as pedantic and it uses spoken English because it has to be read in Latvia as much as the UK.

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