Campaign: Second Opinion

Dik Veenman, director of internal communication consultancy Beasyousay, has recently worked for BT and Masterfoods Europe

One problem with this kind of apparently altruistic campaign is that most employees are smart enough to know there must be a business angle.

So being clear about this up front was a smart move by Vodafone.

Another good move was aiming for a lot of involvement without trying to be too clever: highlighting employees' own stories, removing barriers around work time, matching donations and providing access through the Employee Volunteering Week demonstrate solid campaign thinking.

Overall employee awareness figures are initially encouraging and the funds raised substantial. But it would have been worth taking into consideration that while it was aiming to persuade staff members, employees rarely select an employer on the basis of the charity they support. Trying to mix corporate and individual values can be a turn-off.

Another approach could have been to ask employees if they thought it was a good idea, and if they did, to encourage their involvement through fundraising and awareness-building activities. This would have generated greater ownership and advocacy from within the rank and file. It will be interesting to see if this campaign is still running in 12 months' time: that will be the best indicator of all.

Creativity: 3

Delivery: 4


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