Campaign: Second Opinion

Eugen Beer, creative director at Kaizo incorporating Beer Davies, has worked on campaigns for Barbie and other Mattel brands.

This campaign by Mason Williams has all the hallmarks of an excellent, thorough, box-ticking piece of work. But a closer inspection of the coverage - I was unable to see a full breakdown - shows that a lot of it was only in the context of 'what's new' or coming back for Christmas 2003.

Flying journalists to the US, having fashion designers make outfits, encouraging famous people to remember their first My Little Ponies, a My Little Pony Ascot Hat: all good, solid and tried and tested. That is the problem.

Not a new idea (so far as can be seen) exists in the whole campaign. Hasbro could have been more demanding in its brief: getting coverage is one thing; moving a brand forward to ensure that you are not facing another retro relaunch in ten years is another.

It was disappointing to see that there had been no attempt to reach little girls directly. The Independent on Sunday is a fine newspaper, but how many little girls read it? Yes, parents read it and they are the ultimate purchasers of kids' toys, but parents know that children are their own judges of what's cool.

The media love covering comebacks and PROs will be able to ride this easy bandwagon of retro reporting for some time to come.

Creativity: 1

Delivery: 4


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