Sudan crisis edges Iraq war out of NGOs listing

The escalating crisis in Sudan was the most prominent issue on the agenda for NGOs in July, overshadowing Iraq for the first time.

The Red Cross launched an emergency appeal to provide Sudan with funds and Oxfam highlighted the risk of disease in the refugee camps, claiming ‘more money could save lives faster’.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International accused the Sudanese government-backed militia of using rape as a weapon of war and Human Rights Watch warned that the Sudanese government could not be trusted to police itself.

The Red Cross also focused on the dangers of floods in Bangladesh, warning that the effects of another onset of rains would be ‘devastating’.

Other NGOs in the limelight were children’s charities which spoke out against unsuitable use of computers by children.

NCH Action for Children stormed into the top ten after it expressed concern that children as young as 11 are able to gamble online because websites fail to carry out proper age checks.

The NSPCC reacted to allegations that a 17-year-old boy convicted of murder had been obsessed with a violent computer game by calling on parents to monitor the ratings on video games to protect their children.

Elsewhere, Friends of the Earth garnered coverage after it urged the Government to impose fines on directors trying to boost profits at the expense of the environment.

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