Landmine charity unveils Put Your Foot Down campaign

LONDON - Charity Mines Advisory Group is to launch a media campaign dubbed 'Put Your Foot Down', asking celebrities what is the worst thing they have stepped on to boost awareness of the horrific damages uncleared landmines pose.

The charity is asking celebrities and politicians to name "the worst thing they have stepped on today" in an attempt to highlight the plight of those who have to cope with living among land mines.

"Put Your Foot Down" is the first PR campaign launched by MAG since it received around £3m of funding from the government 15 months ago, following a relaxation of regulations on direct funding of land-mine charities.

The likes of Sir Paul McCartney and BBC journalist Stuart Hughes, who lost his leg to a land mine in Iraq last year, are endorsing the campaign in press packs.

The packs emphasise that "dog poo, banana skins and chewing gum" are among the worst things people step on in the west.

The campaign contrasts the experiences of westerners with those in MAG's clearance programmes, who often risk their lives when dealing with mines.

The packs will be sent to national newspapers, design specialist press and charity, travel and marketing publications.

Because the charity is Manchester-based, local newspapers in the North-West will be particularly targeted.

MAG is also targeting institutions such as the Department for International Development and the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Office.

It wants to ensure that policy makers are aware of the initiative and continue to support funding for the charity.

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