IPR Excellence Awards: Second Opinion

The Red Consultancy managing director Mike Morgan has led the agency's McDonald's account for seven years.

When advertising and sponsorship is hammering home a consistent and effective brand message, it often falls to PR to deliver the news.

The Domino's brand messaging is very clear: those distinctive delivery bikes and that famous Simpsons sponsorship, plus the product promise of 'hot'.

But, of course, when you're targeting that restless and easily bored urban species - the young adult male - it's vital you keep the brand fresh.

On the other side of the target audience there's the media, and they simply love the future - particularly if it can be served up quickly, even if it's half-baked. In some ways, they like it better when it is a little half-baked.

This campaign satisfies on a number of levels - it looks at the future of a well-known modern convenience - the pizza guy - and has blended it with a Simpsonsesque feel for the wacky. Some of these ideas could have come straight out of Homer Simpson's head.

If there's a stray aftertaste it's that neither of the big daily redtops picked up the story.

But overall, this was a well-made, well-thought-out campaign that seems to have fulfilled the client brief admirably at a 'meal deal' price.

Creativity: 4

Delivery: 4


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